Inspirit Partners with Snap to Bring AR Technology to STEM Education

Together, we’re bringing immersive learning solutions to students nationwide.

Stride, Inc. Students Learn with AR

We conducted a case study to validate AR use in the classroom with Stride, Inc. middle school students learning geometry, with support from researchers at Stanford University. As a leading online education provider, Stride’s key objectives were to address common remote school challenges, such as monitoring and enhancing student engagement by providing interactive tools to visualize, tinker, and play with STEM concepts, to ultimately create a more interactive experience for students.

The case study with Stride involved development and implementation. We first designed and developed five educational math Lenses using Snap’s Camera Kit for our Innovative Learning Hub. We then integrated these AR experiences into Stride’s existing programs, trained their educators, and evaluated the efficacy of the integration.

Inspirit X Snap AR Experiences

Student Impact

Upon completion, student engagement levels in STEM classes increased by nearly half, turning traditional lessons into riveting interactive experiences. In addition to elevating engagement levels, almost 85% of students also expressed an inclination to explore STEM topics further using AR. Notably, the “surprise” element—finding interactive AR simulations and models sprinkled throughout the curriculum—also propelled a heightened motivation in 76.9% of students, encouraging them to dive deeper into their lessons. 


We will continue to partner with Snap in the upcoming year. We’re excited to utilize Snap’s AR technology to build 25 AR STEM experiences for our Innovative Learning Hub. We will be rolling this out to over 50 schools across the country in 2024.
Schools & colleges that are interested in bringing experiential AR tools to their classroom can learn more here and/or contact the team directly at [email protected].

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