A new “REALITY” is coming to K-12 education, thanks to Atlanta startup Inspirit

The way STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is taught in US schools is fundamentally flawed, says the team behind the Atlanta-based startup Inspirit

The big problem? Real-world applications aren’t front and center. 

“Today most STEM learning content is passive and non-interactive with a teacher using a PowerPoint or whiteboard (whether digital or analog) and lecturing to students. It’s no surprise that student outcomes in STEM subjects are abysmal, with about half of students who start a STEM course (online and offline) dropping out before they finish, a large number of  instructors looking for better ways to engage learners with STEM content, and 65% of learners feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with their STEM content,” Amrutha Vasan, Inspirit’s Co-Founder & COO, told Hypepotamus.

But the Inspirit team is looking to change that reality…using extended reality (XR). 

The EdTEch platform has developed personalized learning modules for teaching mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology topics. That means students can go inside of a human cell to see exactly how mitochondria works or view a cataract eye surgery up close without leaving their desk.

Source: https://hypepotamus.com/news/inspirit-edtech-atlanta/

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