College Football Playoff Foundation names Inspirit the exclusive Virtual Reality Partner Going the Extra Yard for Teachers

Inspirit: Your Gateway to Immersive Learning

As CFPF’s designated VR partner for the Extra Yard Makeover project, Inspirit is proud to offer select schools across the nation complimentary access to our Innovative Learning Hub. This digital platform is designed with educators in mind, providing an accessible, user-friendly library of immersive STEM and career-focused content tailored for middle and high school students.

The Power of Immersive Technology in Education

We firmly believe that immersive technology has the potential to reshape education for the better. With VR, students can step inside the human body to explore intricate systems, descend into the depths of a volcano, test-drive various careers, and even journey to distant planets—all from the comfort of their classroom seats.

Imagine students not just learning about concepts but experiencing them firsthand. This is the kind of transformational change that can ignite a lifelong passion for learning.

A Shared Vision for Education

Britton Banowsky, the executive director of the College Football Playoff Foundation, shares our excitement about this partnership. “This collaboration equips teachers with the tools they need to create engaging classrooms,” he says. Together, we’re committed to ensuring that educators have the resources they need to make learning truly come alive.

A New Chapter in Education Begins

Our partnership with CFPF represents a pivotal moment in the world of education. It’s an opportunity to reimagine the classroom experience, making it more engaging, interactive, and enriching than ever before. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we push the boundaries of what’s possible in education.

Learn More

To discover more about the College Football Playoff Foundation and their Extra Yard for Teachers program, visit their website at and follow them on Twitter @CFPExtraYard.

If you’re curious about Inspirit and our mission to revolutionize STEM and career education through immersive XR experiences, head over to our website at Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and [email protected] to learn more or get involved.

Here’s to a brighter, more immersive future in education! 🚀📚

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