Teachers, We’re Your #1 Fan!

“Here at Inspirit, there’s no one we love more than teachers. They work tirelessly and selflessly to do one of the most important jobs we can think of: teaching and shaping a new generation. That’s why the first week of May is one of our favorite weeks of the year–Teacher Appreciation Week 2022! Personally, we don’t think a week is enough (52 would be ideal in our opinion), so to make the most of it, we celebrated with five full days packed to the brim with teacher love. Here are some of our favorite highlights:

Our #edutwitter teachers participated in fun challenges to win gift cards like describing their funniest story of the year in 5 words or less:

teacher appreciation week story twitter 2022

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We also had some great meme entries to describe teachers’ science classes:

teacher appreciation week meme


As the #1 fan of educators everywhere, we care a lot about what they think. So, to top the week off, we invited science teachers to describe Inspirit in one word. These were some of the entries we got:

teachers we're your #1 fan word cloud

The response absolutely thrilled us, and after interacting with so many incredible teachers, we’d like to close Inspirit’s Teacher Appreciation Week with some thoughts that will stay with us until next time!

1. YOU are inspirational!

Over the past couple of years, teachers have worked tirelessly to give their students quality education while providing support through an endless sea of unprecedented and emotionally taxing worldwide events. Through zoom lectures, critically low levels of engagement, and a steep drop in morale, they didn’t give up. The strength, perseverance, and dedication shown by teachers in their work is something we should all aspire to.

2. YOU are creative!

We’re constantly in awe of the different methods teachers use to make learning easy, effective, and fun for their students (the creativity necessary to make a high schooler engage with Great Expectations is truly impressive). We saw so many examples of innovation and inventiveness in the content teachers produced using Inspirit’s tools for their classrooms.

3. YOU should be appreciated year-round!

Teachers are far more than just educators for their students. They’re also mentors, motivators, supporters, coaches, counselors, guides, and friends. They teach children not only curriculum but also kindness, patience, persistence, honesty, integrity (and the importance of regular handwashing). Teachers selflessly take on the responsibility of shaping a generation and teaching them not only to learn, but also to love learning—and for that, they deserve to be loved, recognized, and appreciated every day of the year. (They also have an exceptionally high tolerance for high schoolers’ anatomy jokes).

So, from the very bottom of our hearts here at Inspirit, thank you to educators everywhere. We couldn’t do it without you!

If you’d like to explore the chance to be a paid content creator with Inspirit this summer, check out this link here! (The application takes less than 2 minutes).

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