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IMG_5805We have a growing list of amazing partner institutions. inspiritVR is what it is today only because of the meaningful relationships that we foster with our partners. Are you interested in joining us on our mission to democratize access to educational VR content? Please read this FAQ and follow the steps outlined below to get started!

All the content hosted on our platform is created with organizations (schools, universities, boards, institutions, etc.) or individuals (independent professionals, freelancers, sole proprietorships, etc.). inspiritVR is always looking to develop new content with new and diverse partners, thus adding to the richness and diversity of our platform’s offerings. We are actively seeking out partners who want to showcase their ideas, teaching, and work – and make a meaningful contribution to our ever-growing repository of 360-educational content.

Why should I become an inspirit content creator?

inspiritVR is a platform to showcase an institution’s or individual’s ideas and work. This is an opportunity for you and your students to explore their creativity and feature in a video or image series. You – the teacher and the students – will work with the inspiritVR team through an iterative, research-based, participatory design process and create content that features you, your ideas, and your work. Our research-based design process is what sets us apart – we follow a grounded approach to content design and development that ensures the videos and images we create with you can truly have relevance a meaningful impact on students around the world. We schedule visits to your institution and bring all the equipment and resources that you will need to create and host the content. As an institution, you are provided with a free platform that has a wide outreach to host your content. We handle all the logistics, marketing, and design of the content we create with you.

What happens to my content once it is published?

We showcase all our content on the inspiritVR content catalog website and users from anywhere around the world have full and free access to the content. Image content is archived in our inspiritVR mobile application and video content is also published on our YouTube channel for ease of access. We promote and share your content on our social media channels and mailing lists and handle all the logistics of marketing and managing the content henceforth. We publish all your content under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This gives consumers of the content the authority to use and redistribute the material and also adapt the material. As the creator, you are given appropriate credit on the original and all adaptations of the material and all adaptations must be shared under the same CC license.

What is the pricing policy?

All content creation with institutions is performed on a contract-basis. This is a one-time full payment which is determined based on two factors: the project duration and the task difficulty. This contract is finalized after a full discussion with the partner on the work to be performed. A payment invoice is then created and must be paid in full by the partner within the deadline specified on the invoice.

What kind of content are you looking to create?

We are looking to create any content that you think excites you and your students! In order to have some clarity for this process, we have prepared a modules portfolio which gives a high-level guideline on the creative content that we expect to create for each module. A lot of the guidelines are themes that span multiple modules – we love work that falls at the intersection of more than one module!

Please visit the content modules portfolio page before moving forward.

Note: Do you not see a module that you are interested in working towards? Do you have an idea for an interesting piece of content that you think will have a meaningful impact on students? No problem! We keep expanding our module set with new and meaningful content. Our sign-up form contains a free-response field where you may indicate your ideas and/or suggestions for creating alternate content.

How do I become an inspirit content creator?

Once you have read all the details on this page, you may click on the link below and fill out our sign-up form. Once you are done with this form, the inspiritVR will reach out to you with the next steps. Typically, this form is filled out by the institution’s representative or main point-of-contact.

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Once again – thank you for participating in this cause and congratulations! Welcome to the inspiritVR family!