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25 Interactive Middle School and High School STEM Modules

Inspirit’s mission is to host the world’s largest community of XR learners and content creators, filling a current gap in the educational ecosystem. Inspirit’s AR modules offer substantial potential for  K12 and distance learning institutions, aiming to make education more interactive and engaging in the evolving educational landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally any Android or iOS device with more than one camera will support the Inspirit AR app.

To place the AR experience/model point your phone or tablet camera to a flat surface (ideally, 2-3 ft. below you, so a table or floor will do.) Gently tap your phone screen for the object to be placed in your environment. 

To ensure the best AR experience, follow these tips:

  • Place the model or experience 2-3 ft below eye level
  • Place the model or experience on an even surface
  • Use AR in a well-lit room
  • Ensure your device has adequate internet connectivity
  • Complete the tutorials at the beginning of each experience

Academic institutions can purchase licenses for Inspirit. After you submit the form here, our sales team will reach out to you within 2 business days.

Contact us by filling out the form here for more details.

Inspirit takes into account multi-year and district-wide contracts. We also encourage schools to use funding opportunities. Learn more about available funds here.